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Your Dogs Are Barking. How to Aid Sore-Tired Feet
Are your feet sore and tired ethnic beauties? It's no wonder! They carry you and all of your weight around every single day. You're asking a lot of them. Without them, you'd have to learn how to redo everything you do.

How to Eat in Season With Great Tasting Foods
Eat in season. What does that mean? To eat in season is using the foods of your region to nourish, nurture and care for your body.

How To Use Crystals and Herbs in the Bath
Crystals and herbs in the bath, oh my! Yes ethnic beauties, if you want to enhance the beauty of your skin, crystals, herbs and minerals will get you off to a great start.

Food Is The Best Medicine For Optimum Health
Have you ever thought that food is the best medicine for optimum health ethnic beauties? Let's face it, you've heard at least once in your life that you are what you eat.

What’s the Best Exfoliation Ingredient?
What's the best exfoliation ingredient for body care. Oatmeal to the rescue ethnic beauties. You know it as your morning does to lower cholesterol. Yet in the world of beauty, oatmeal, is known to soothe itchy skin, help with psoriasis and eczema.

Feel Good Remedies, An Awesome Gift From Plants
Feel good remedies, natures gift to you from plants. There are times ethnic beauties when you might experience a stomach ache, or you’re nursing a cold or the flu. Either way, there’s a feel good remedy from an ancestor that’s been recorded and used for centuries to take care of the challenge .

A New Decade for Ethnic Beauty, Where Do You Fit?
A new decade in ethnic beauty, do you have options? Let’s just say they’re better than they used to be. For my dark complexioned ethnic beauties, the industry giants have increased their offerings.

How to Find Success By Not Being Perfect
Find success by not being perfect? There's a mouth full.Let's face it, life isn't perfect or easy. That doesn't mean you should stop pushing yourself to new heights.

How to Have an Ethnic Skin Regimen
Not only is it the beginning of a New Year, it's also the beginning of a new decade.

How to Eat Your Way to Health and Beauty, Awesome
Health and beauty have been linked directly to your digestive tract. This can be scary ethnic beauties. Why? Because we often eat foods that we know will not sit so well on the stomach. What if you could have foods that taste good and are good for you.

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